Kay O’Connell Fish Merchants

Kay O’Connell Fish Merchants

Based within Cork’s bustling English Market, Kay O’Connell Fish Merchants was established in 1962.

Today the business is still very much a family affair with Kay’s sons, Pat and Paul continuing to supply the freshest, highest quality and diverse range of fish to the restaurants and people of Cork alike.


Digi Systems installation of the SM5500H hanging scales offered Kay O’Connell Fish Merchants an alternative to bench scales. The hanging scales free up valuable bench and work space in and help to keep this busy seafood counter free from wet and mess.



Customers can follow the weight and price information for their purchase on the large 12.1 inch customer display which can also display product information and promotions of the fish counters choice.


In addition to the SM-5500H hanging scales Digi Systems also installed e-labels for display in all the fish counters in Kay O’Connell Fish Merchants. e-Labels replace the traditional methods of creating and displaying pricing on deli, meat and fish counters saving the store time producing, laminating and arranging price tags. e-Labels ensure pricing is always up to date and accurate.



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