Download SM5500 Brochure

The SM-5500α is an advanced PC based scale most suitable for butcher, deli and seafood counters located within supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail food outlets.

The SM-5500α is an accurate measuring piece of equipment providing the store with multi-retail solutions.

The SM-5500α series can be used either as standalone scales or connected in a network system at the store or head office level.


Features of the SM-5500α Series

– Fast operation and printing speed

– 12.1 Inch Touch screen

– Categorize products in a library and develop your own product playlist

– Search feature making searching for products easier

– High resolution 300dpi print head for allergen and label printing requirements

– Linerless label printing

– 12.1 Inch multi media customer display screen capable of showing in-store promotions and advertisments to upsell and cross-sell products to increase sales

– Compatible with eLabels, click here for more information on eLabels

– Interchangeable cassette

– Linux Operating System

– Variations available on this model

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