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Self-Adhesive Labels

Custom label printing and design, since 1986

One name for all your labelling

DIGI Group acquired MLS Labels in RoI, and Impact Retail Systems and KER Graphics in NI

Faster turnaround times & competitive pricing

Thanks to our investment in state-of-the-art machinery and increased buying power

Ultra-high resolution labels

Printed in any size, shape, material, finish or quantity

Reduce your label spend without compromising on service or quality

We continually invest in the latest printing equipment and label materials to maintain our competitive edge

Bespoke label design and print for food manufacturing
Custom label printing for food manufacturers and retail

Enjoy easier ordering and faster turnaround times

Our experienced sales team, technical team and in-house graphic design team will keep things seamless for you

Lower your carbon footprint with sustainable self-adhesive labels

Our Linerless Labels prove that green solutions can be more cost-efficient and effective. These labels come without glassine backing film, meaning a 40-50% carbon footprint reduction and tonnes of waste saved from going to landfill.

We also offer self-adhesive labels made from recycled materials, and fully recyclable self-adhesive label options. We have adhesives that can be recycled along with cardboard, which is ideal for logistical labels for example.

DIGI Linerless Labels no backing film

One name for all your labelling

For decades, MLS Labels, Impact Retail Systems, KER Graphics Ltd and DIGI have set new standards in our offerings and services. Having come together as DIGI in recent years, we now provide an unrivalled suite of Self-Adhesive Labels to customers across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

2021: DIGI acquired MLS Labels, Mullingar

2023: DIGI acquired Impact Retail Systems, Newry and KER Graphics Ltd, Belfast

2024: MLS & Impact are rebranding to DIGI and KER Graphics Ltd will retain its own branding

Speciality bespoke labels

moisture resistant labels ideal for the dairy industry

Moisture-proof labels

At DIGI Labels, we are experienced in delivering labels that stay in place despite challenging surface applications, including damp surfaces. We use ultra high-tack adhesive and a variety of paper and film substrates with ribbon or direct thermal heat-activated printers. We can provide samples of the material to test on your end application. From the ink to the adhesive and everything in-between, our labels are proven, even for refrigerated Styrofoam or HDPE containers with dimpled or rough, moist surfaces, e.g. milk containers.

Bespoke self-adhesive labels for refrigerated or freezer applications

Freezer-proof labels

We can provide sticky labels for blast freezer applications, where labels are applied at temperatures of approximately -25 degrees Celsius. Our direct thermal heat-activated over-printing technique creates labels that are ideal for frozen packaging. Typically we use direct thermal heat-activated or ribbon over-printing techniques to create labels that are ideal for frozen packaging.

easy peel-off sticky labels

Easy peel-off labels

Using advanced adhesive formulations, we can provide labels that stick only while you want them to! Our easy peel-off labels improve your customers’ experience and don’t leave any annoying residue on your product - ideal for retail promotions and pricing.

crate labels that wash off with a hose

Wash-off labels

Moisture-resistant yet water-soluble, these labels are often used for recyclable bottles and for the reusable plastic crates used in some industries, e.g. food and beverage manufacturing. These specialty wash-off labels need to adhere to challenging surfaces, in a difficult environment, yet come off easily when the time comes and the crate or product is hosed down. A label that comes off too early can cause product wastage. Using a combination of techniques and materials, this is one of many specialty labels we have perfected at DIGI.

bespoke die cut self adhesive labels Ireland

Bespoke die-cut labels

We'll work closely with you to develop a label that perfectly matches your needs and showcases your brand and product.

Linerless labels

We’ve perfected the composition of our exclusive Linerless Labels with an attractive paper finish and no compromise on adhesion. As well as a 40-50% lower carbon footprint, they enable improved label designs, reduced admin time and are faster and easier to use.

Sustainable labels

We’re prioritising the environment by offering innovative, sustainable label solutions. As well as our Linerless Labels, we offer both recycled and recyclable label options.

labels for cardboard packaging ideal for shipping and logistics

Cardboard packaging labels

Speed and traceability are critical to the logistics industry. Our customers trust us for our efficiency, accuracy and the ease of dealing with us. We have materials and adhesives for every cardboard box application, environment and need - whether for shipping and dispatch, warehousing, courier, frozen food storage or general transport and logistics.

More label types

  • Flash stickers
  • Flexographic up to 8-colour
  • Digital
  • Embossed
  • Cold Foiling
  • De-lam/ Re-lam
  • Peel and Reveal
  • Rolls
  • Thermal Direct
  • Plain
  • RFID
  • Packing tape

Label adhesives

  • Permanent
  • Removable
  • Recyclable

Label materials

  • Recycled, Recyclable or Compostable Paper
  • Thermal Top or Thermal Eco
  • Semi-Gloss or Gloss
  • PP (Clear Plastic) or PE (White Plastic)
  • Vellum
  • Fluorescent

Label printing inks

  • Compostable Inks
  • Processed Inks
  • Pantones 

Label finishes

  • Spot Varnish
  • Flood Varnish
  • Matte Varnish

Labels by industry

Labels are more important to industry than ever. Recent years have seen massive growth in demand in the Logistics industry, for boxes of online shopping, and in the food manufacturing and retail industries, to identify allergens.

We’re also seeing demand for attractive, branded self-adhesive labels that really standout on shelves and showcase your product among fierce competition.

Your business needs sticky labels they can trust from a supplier they can trust. You can rely on DIGI.

We design and print custom labels for food and beverage manufacturers. Our labels not only enhance brand identity but also provide essential information to customers about ingredients, allergens, and usage instructions. Whether it’s a jar, can, bottle, tray, or carton, we have the right label to meet your needs. Additionally, our dual capabilities in digital and conventional printing allow us to create both standard and shorter label print-runs, e.g. for limited edition items and seasonal products.

Our loyal customers in the dairy sector benefit from our diverse range of labels. We offer various materials tailored to accommodate different storage conditions and container types. Our range of moisture-proof labels, for example, are ideal for dimpled HDPE milk containers in moist, refrigerated environments.

We are a leading label provider for retailers in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our expertise includes bespoke, Linerless, and flash labels. Our account managers are experts in FMCG goods and will assist you in choosing the best options.

Our efficient account managers and swift turnaround times mean everything to our customers in the Transport & Logistics industry. We think out of the box to find the best labels for your environment.

We supply labels and tags to wholesale and retail butchers, as well as abattoirs. Our in-house graphic design team creates vibrant, branded labels that enhance the visibility of your products.

We create durable labels for warehousing and industrial use, including pallet racking, line marking, shelf labels, and warnings.

We provide label solutions for the wide variety of containers in the Health and Wellness industry. From cosmetics to nutrition and sports supplements, we cater to tubes, bottles, pots, and more. Our Peel and Reveal range allows you to include detailed information for your customers.

We can help you differentiate your product in a crowded market. Our label offerings, including foiling and Peel and Reveal, showcase your branding, flavours, and product details.

As the demands of pharmacies evolve, so does our range of labelling solutions. Our mission is clear: supply quality, accurate labels at a competitive price, all while delivering first-class service to our valued customers. We’re committed to being your trusted partner, providing real solutions for the pharmacy market – from the dispensary to the store front.

Our labels play a crucial role in identifying pharmaceutical products accurately, ensuring consumer safety. Our labels provide details on ingredients, allergy warnings, usage directions, and expiration dates.

Our self-adhesive labels for supermarkets not only enhance branding but also offer easy application, durability, and flexibility. Barcode compatibility streamlines inventory management, reduces errors, and elevates the shopping experience for customers.

Our customers stick with us

"DIGI have been supporting our labelling needs for the past decade. They have consistently shown their ability to meet the challenges faced in the FMCG industry. They provide our stores with fast turnaround times and offer great support from their account managers."

Centra - DIGI customer

"As our label supplier, we have found DIGI in Mullingar to be excellent, in their professionalism and we have received a first-class service in printer support and delivery of our labels."

And to make meeting your labelling needs even easier, we have an in-house graphic design team with decades of experience in label design