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World-leading automatic weigh, wrap and label machines

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Reduce labour hours, waste and your carbon footprint, while keeping fresh food fresher for longer.

DIGI is the world-leader in high-performance, automatic weigh-wrap-label systems.

There are options in our range to improve efficiency for every business in the Retail and Food Manufacturing industries.

Why choose a DIGI Wrapper?

  • Reliable and fully supported and maintained by our Dublin office and Field Engineers.
  • Fast and accurate.
  • Sustainable – our Wrap and Linerless Labels reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Suitable for any tray or carton with pre-prepared fresh food, e.g. meat, baked goods, fruit.

DIGI AW-5600FX II Wrapper

Our most popular Wrapper - a workhorse with a small footprint

DIGI DIGI AW-5600FX II Wrapper - Wrapped and Labelled food
Eliminate the need for cumbersome hand-wrapping, and sell food products with better longevity, freshness and appearance
User-friendly 15" touch-screen makes labels easy and quick to design and print
DIGI Wrapper - weighed, wrapped and labelled cheeses
It easily weighs, wraps and labels fragile trays, irregular shapes and even items without trays, e.g. cheese, bread and whole fruits

The FX stands for flexible, and the AW-5600FX II is a semi-automatic weigh-wrap-labeller that is unrivalled in its flexibility.

  • Compact footprint – just 800 x 935mm and because it can be cleaned from the front, you can run counters right up to either side
  • Very easy to clean – the parts that come into contact with food can be removed in seconds and washed in water. It is also designed to be easy to sweep and mop under.
  • Delivers real, proven and demonstratable labour and cost savings
  • Large and easy to use heat sealer
  • Maximum processing speed of 17 packs/minute
  • Linerless Labels enables cost savings, greater label customisation, easier use and reduced waste
  • Automatically adjusts the label length to fit the text and design, printing custom labels from the one roll of Linerless Labels
  • High resolution 300 DPI printing makes the fine print, e.g. allergens, easy to read
  • DIGI wrap reduces plastic use

DIGI RGW-560II Wrapper

Give your pre-packed food a sleek and flexible, graphic banding label

The DIGI RGW-560II is a cutting-edge banding machine that delivers attractive, secure and informative packaging to showcase your fresh food product.

The flexible product strap is heat sealed around your package, eliminating the need for distracting labels and tape. It showcases your branding, price and product information while keeping your food packaging secure. 

The RGW-560II provides printing on demand and makes attractive label design easy with images and information pre-programmed in the machine.

DIGI RGW-560II Wrapper